“On1track.com– Terms & Conditions”

By using On1track.com platform, Users are abide to agree all terms and conditions of this platform. On1track.com reserves all the necessary rights to do changes in its platform without providing any notice to its users. It can change, edit, delete or add content, policy or any terms at anytime. Users are supposed to get up to date with the changes done by us by checking its policies on regulr basis. New user must read all the terms carefully before registering or applying for any service.
Both existing and new users are fully free to cancel or terminate their account or cancel their membership by following necessary types at any point if there is any changes done by On1track.com are not satisfied themselves. By continue to the account or use the services, Users agree to accept the amendments made to the terms and conditions.

Who Is Eligible?

Both users that are 16 years of age or older and companies can participate in On1track.com advertising programs. International members can participate in On1track.com advertising programs except in territories where the local governing laws prohibit.

Member Responsibilities:

Users are expected to use their own information like name, contact number, email address, not a false identity. And are supposed to keep your username and password confidential and change their password at any time as well for security assurance. On1track.com is free to terminate the account for accusing any of the false information or identity or illegal use of the account without giving any warning at its own judgement. User can not sell or rent out of your account. Such account will be terminated, If this activity is suspected by On1track.com

Inactive Accounts:

Accounts that are inactive for more than 45 days shall be considered inactive account and close the account. In case, an account is stamped ‘inactive’, the funds will be forfeited and the account balance will be zeroed. The forfeited balance shall not be credited back on reopening of the account. The same is applicable for any referrals the user may have in his or her account, they will be lost too on account termination.

Liability With On1track.com:

On1track.com Users do not have any access to show or represent On1track.com at any level or make any efforts on the behalf of On1track.com without any prior concern in writing with On1track.com. This platform shall not be liable to pay any type of expenses, generate income, loss of profits, or any tax liabilities, damages, consequences either direct or indirect of users pretaining to the agreement or by using of this website.


On1track.com shall not be made liable for any and all loss of profits, business opportunities either direct or indirect, damages that are both incidental and or consequential pertaining to this agreement and or through your use of the website. At any point of time, the aggregate liability shall not exceed the total fee paid or payable to the user pertaining to this agreement. On1track.com does not assure that its operation are error free. Also not liable for any type of damages or losses, virus, electronic loss data, security of system suffered by the user while working in this program. Only the users or members are responsible or take the responsibility for their own security. On1track.com is not liable for any losses of any third party access. Users are to click on these third party links at their own risk and assurance. It is user responsibility to verify third party feature credibility showing or adding at On1track.com. Users themselves warrant that they validly execute this agreement and agree with all binding obligations that are enforceable against you as per the terms and conditions and as per the legal system pretaining to your jurisdiction.

Spam Control:

Users shall not undermine the integrity of our website, services or company by promoting referral links through spamming or unsolicited emails or through the use of any other electronic means. Spamming will result in immediate termination of the account and your membership with the company shall be considered void.

Abuse of Account:

On1track.com On1track.com prohibits the use of bots or software tools that will undermine the integrity of the services of the website. Users shall not have multiple accounts at On1track.com. Use of multiple accounts by registration through different email addresses will result in immediate termination of all the related accounts. Any account balance at the time of the account termination shall be considered forfeited. On1track.com at its sole discretion can block any IP, user or member who try to breach our server through the use of any malpractice including the use of anonymizing VPN or other proxy servers. All accounts that violate our policy will be immediately terminated and all the funds available in account will be forfeited and shall not be credited to the user’s account. The user shall not issue a charge back on any transaction that is completed at On1track.com. Such events will be considered a cause for account termination. Users that like to have their account unsuspended agree to pay a stipulated fee along with the charge back fee

Intellectual Property Right:

Users agree not to reproduce this websites and or its contents in part of full. Users also agree not to copy, modify or amend the website or its contents in any form without the written permission of On1track.com. The logo, content, statistics any featured and other information presented in this website is protected against the intellectual property right. Users shall not make false claims as the employee, partner or contractor for On1track.com without written consent and permission.On1track.com is an affiliate with Moderate Techno Services. Users who join on either site can use Moderate Techno Services member area to work. Demo Work: The demo work given on our website is just a representation of the work flow; actual work may differ based on the task that you choose to work..

Approval intimation:

Users will receive an email confirmation once the account is approved by the admin team.

Ad free revisions:

On1track.com is free to change its fee, increase or decrease the fee at its sole discretion for account upgrades, ad pack purchases and Grid advertisements. In the event of decrease in the pricing On1track.com will not offer a refund for the difference in pricing to any member who made a purchase at a higher price.


* On1track.com will not be responsible for your earnings; it depends upon your own efforts. Users are also advised to read the earnings disclaimer before joining.
* We do not provide one to one training in our office and we do not provide Phone Support. You will have to contact us only from the support section for queries.
* If there is any Technical Problem, until we solve it you have to co-operate with us.
* On1track.com will not be responsible for the taxes on your income (if any). You will have to pay it on your own.

The following things are prohibited to host on your website:

*Illegal use
*Harm to minors
*Fraudulent activity
*Lottery/Gambling Sites
*Forgery or impersonation
*Unsolicited commercial / bulk e-mail (SPAMMING)
*Adult or Porn materials
*Broadcast or Streaming of Live Sporting Events
*Copyrighted Music, Games, Mobile Apps, General Applications or any third-party paid Software.

We reserve the right to terminate the account if the above activities are done on our servers:

* Your Account will be immediately terminated, if any of the following happens.
1. Inappropriate advertisements (False claims, misleading hyperlinks)
2. Spamming (mass email, mass newsgroup posting, sms etc...)
3. Advertising on sites containing/promoting illegal activities
4.Violation of intellectual property rights.
5. If any member violates the Terms & Conditions of On1track.com.
6. If you had not earned anything continuously for 3 months.

Monetary Terms:

* After withdrawal request, the process may take up to 15 working days for completion.
* We will not be responsible if Payee Name, Bank Name, Branch Name, Bank A/C No., Payable City, Payment Address or any other detail is incorrect.
* Payments will be processed according to the Payment Mode that you choose.
* Payment charges will be deducted from your Account balance.
* No arguments will be entertained once the payment is made.
* Your participation in the program is solely for this purpose: to legally advertise our website to receive a commission on products purchased by your referral individuals.
* Fake referral signups will be rejected and amount earned from that will deduct.
* These terms will begin upon your signup with the program and will end when your account is terminated. If any modification to the terms is unacceptable to you, your only choice is to terminate your account. Your continuing participation in the program will constitute your acceptance of any change.
* We will not be liable for your expenses such as advertisement charges, phone charges, electricity charges, 3g or data charges and internet charges; you will have to pay it on your own.
* We will not be liable for indirect or accidental damages (loss of revenue, commissions) due to tracking failures, loss of database files, and any results of "intents of harm" to the program or our website. We do not make any expressed or implied warranties with respect to the program and/or products sold at this site. We make no claim that the operation of the affiliate program and our website will be error-free and we will not be liable for any interruptions or errors.
* We do not provide Phone support. For queries, you have to go through the documents provided or contact us through email.


This Agreement will be governed by the laws of the jurisdiction of Mohali, Punjab notwithstanding other rules that govern choice of laws. Disputes can be resolved only in jurisdiction of Mohali, Punjab. This member agreement demands complete adherence regardless and will not forfeit our right to enforce any and all provisions of this member agreement at any point of time. You agree to follow through all the terms and conditions listed in this page by making use of the website and by using our services regardless of your membership status, whether a free member or a paid member. By using On1track.com, you are bound to give compliance to all the guidelines listed in this page. Take time to review the member terms and conditions carefully before agreeing and using the website and our programs
* By filling out the signup form you acknowledge that you have read the terms and conditions, understand, and agree with them.
* On1track.com has complete rights to change the Terms & Conditions and Instructions of work without prior notice.
Users are advised to read these terms and conditions carefully

Note : (Terms Agreed By Users) We understand and agree that On1track.com serves the right to add/modify/change/amend any of the terms & conditions at any time without further notice to us. It is our responsibility to review the Online terms & conditions at regular intervals & company with the same. We further understand that if we require any clarifications with respect to the On1track.com terms & conditions (including this Form). We may contact On1track.com sales representative/account manager and they will contact us to the concerned On1track.com department.